Estate Planning in a Pandemic 

The ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted life in countless ways. The health crisis has led many people to examine their own mortality and realize that they are not prepared for the end of life situations. As the crisis continues […]

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CARES Act Creates Tax Relief 

In March 2020, the unemployment rate was 4.4 percent; just one month later the number had skyrocketed to 14.7 percent-the highest figure since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Some 29 million Americans are now temporarily or permanently out of […]

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Stimulus Payments Won’t Cut Into Your Tax Refund 

In March 2020, the Federal Government passed the CARES Act. This act, a result of the massive COVID-19 pandemic that has infected over one million Americans, was responsible for the establishment of a variety of federal aid designed to assist […]

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Is The Stock Market Making You Nervous Lately? 

The history of the stock market is littered with examples of times when the market takes a dive downwards. However, there are a lot of reasons to believe that the latest market dive is one of the more extreme that […]

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Beware of Coronavirus Scams 

It appears the novel coronavirus is causing more than just damage to people’s health. This situation is causing some people to experience serious financial harm from scammers. They are taking advantage of individuals for their money. These are individuals who […]

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Updated Stimulus Check Info 

If you’re still someone waiting and wondering about the status of your Stimulus Check, we are here to help you understand it all. The following information will focus on what you need to know about the stimulus checks the government […]

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COVID-19 Was Your Retirement Plan Test?

Countless Americans are worried about the impact that Covid-19 will have on the health of their families and friends, and indeed their own well-being. However, there is another concern that could  impact you. In preparing for retirement, investors should prepare […]

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Medicare Expands Tele-Medicine Help Due To COVID-19

 Medicare recently announced the expansion of its telemedicine program to benefit seniors while they stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. This expansion will allow millions of senior Medicare participants to adhere to the public health advisory to stay home […]

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