Annuities Have Been Around For Longer Than You Think 

As the Stock Market wobbles, it has some thinking about “safe money” investments.  The idea of having money saved up for retirement and receiving income during that period didn’t start with the establishment of Wall Street. You might be surprised […]

March 20, 2020 | Read More >

Stock Market Plunge: Have A Plan

Coronavirus has been plaguing the stock market for weeks pushing the markets to record lows!  Market volatility can lead to some serious stress on the part of new and old investors alike. The constant up and down of the market […]

March 13, 2020 | Read More >

Coronavirus and Your Travel Plans

Coronavirus is continuing to spread worldwide since its origination in China. The virus has entered countries in the Middle East, countries in Europe and even America. It is important to consider what to do about traveling internationally with the outbreak […]

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Money Conversation with Your Kids 

Planning for retirement sometimes is filled with numerous preparations.  One step at a time you put your life and your finances in order so that the remainder of your years are spent enjoying the lifestyle and security you have worked […]

January 15, 2020 | Read More >

How to Recognize and Prevent Elder Financial Abuse 

Financial abuse can be a complicated subject, but at its most basic level it involves taking advantage of an older adult through manipulation or intimidation to steal their money or property. What are the risk factors for financial abuse? Elderly […]

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Plan To Have Medicare Coverage For Your Winter Travel

As a senior you should plan to protect your health no matter where you might venture. If you currently have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, you shouldn’t have any problems getting the care you need anywhere in the US. […]

December 20, 2019 | Read More >

Qualified Charitable Contributions for 2019

We are nearing the end of 2019 and the opportunity to give for this year.  If a person has reached the age of 70.5 they can make cash donations to charities that are approved by the IRS that are outside […]

December 4, 2019 | Read More >

2020 Important Retirement Numbers

Every new year brings a fresh beginning, this can be just as true now as it ever was. In 2020, expect increases in savings pretax limits for workers looking toward retirement. If you’ve already reached retirement age, you’ll see a […]

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